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Wed 5-8pm
Thu 5-8pm
Fri 5-8pm
Sat 2-8pm
Sun 1-6pm

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Zoom Reviews

Due to COVID-19,we couldn’t travel California to Ohio to celebrate my
dad’s 90th birthday. A big celebration had been intended.

I’ve seen Terry perform over the past 20 years at various places in the Bay
Area, and saw on his website about him performing at Zoom parties.

I sent out the invites to my family and friends, and Terry hosted the party. What a host. A fun and lovely time, and it was like Terry was a new member of my family, one who took requests and played and played and played - one amazing tune after another. And all from his boat. My dad and family couldn’t have been happier.


We all had a great time. I highly recommend hiring Terry for a zoom party as soon as you can. You’ll love it. Besides being a great host, and an incredible musician, he’s a really nice person. Just amazing.

Mike Holland of Arteris